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WIN a Gift card to the STORE and more on our new Furniture Collection - So many choices!

Dinna is gearing up for some fantastic new episodes on her podcast, 'Designing Woman', and wants to hear from you, her fantastic readers and supporters! Are you curious about the process when working with an Interior Designer, Do you wonder what colors would make a small space feel larger, or What parts of the home should come first in a Home remodel? We want to encourage you to send in whatever topic or question you have! Just email us at Send in your question and if we feature it on any of the upcoming podcasts in the next 6 weeks, we will send you a $20 Gift card to spend at the STORE! and there is no limit, send in all your topics and Q's to us, give as many as you'd like :)

On another note - I am absolutely loving the STORE's new collection of furniture, there are so many options, it would be impossible to not find something you love for your own space. We have a handy dandy binder with over a hundred styles and options in sofas, chairs, ottomans, even recliners! We also have a dedicated space in the store with over one hundred fabric and leather options to choose from. You can come in and browse, feel the different fabrics and choose an option that fits your family and style. Prices on the furniture vary based on the fabric you choose, so for instance, the gorgeous, velvety chair shown below is grade 9 fabric but if you'd rather have it in a grade 3 that you like better, we make it easy for you to view all the prices by looking at the chart on the tag.

The new curated collection comes in 3 different cushion comfort levels and we have many samples, like the pieces below, in the STORE for you to come in and try out. Sip a cup of coffee and lounge, we'd love to see you!

As a small business we rely on our customers to spread the word about the STORE! so If you have shopped with us or engaged in any of our many workshops or events, we'd love for you to leave us a review! just use the QR code below and let us know what you think!


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