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Lighting Up Your Easter

Let's kick off your holiday weekend with some EGG-citing news! Join us tomorrow and enjoy a fantastic offer: 20% off everything in the STORE furniture and goods! Discover a treasure trove of happy, joyful colorful tableware to bring your kitchen to life and infuse your space with fun and personality. I also heard a rumor that the bunny may come by and have hidden some eggs !



workshop is just around the corner! If you're

craving a little extra flair in your space but unsure where to start, let us illuminate the way. A beautifully crafted lamp and shade can work wonders, adding an artful touch that elevates any room. Learn the art of creating your fabric drum shade with all supplies provided. We offer designer fabric selections, but feel free to bring your own for a truly personalized touch.


While we're on the subject of lighting, have you ever wondered about the difference between lumens and watts? Let us shed some light on the matter:

In the realm of LED lighting, understanding the difference between lumens and watts is essential for making informed choices when illuminating your space.


On the other hand, watts measure energy usage and do not reflect a light's brightness. Thanks to advancements in energy-efficient LED technology, lumens have taken precedence over watts when selecting lighting solutions.


Lumens serve as the yardstick for brightness in LED lighting. Unlike watts, which gauge energy consumption, lumens directly correlate to the brightness emitted by a light source. Put simply, the higher the lumen count, the more luminous the light.

Navigating the relationship between lumens and watts is pivotal, particularly when transitioning to energy-efficient LED bulbs. Most hardware stores and lighting companies have conversion charts to help you.

But wait, there's more excitement on the horizon! Don't miss our PICKLEBALL 101 event on April 14th, from 2-6. Dive into the world of the fastest-growing sport in the US with our crash course covering everything from paddle techniques to court rules. For just $20, each participant will receive their own paddle and ball set. Gather your friends and join us for an afternoon of fun and friendly competition at the Crabapple Market Garage, just across the street from the STORE.

So, why wait? Let's brighten up your holiday weekend together with savings, creativity, and a whole lot of fun!

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See you tomorrow!


Dinna Eckstein - the Designing Woman



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