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Every Monday is Manic Monday at the STORE!

It's no secret that out of all the days of the week, Monday has the least amount of fans. I'm not sure if it's because of the two day weekend off or maybe it's that lengthy to-do list staring me down that makes Mondays so difficult. Upon further research you will be happy to know that if your just like me and dread Mondays, we are not alone!

Psychological experts blame everything from getting extra sleep on the weekends (hello sleeping in!) to a poor work-life balance, as being the cause of the Monday blues. One thing that we can all agree on though, In order to get out of the beginning of the week rut, we must find things that make us smile, laugh, or generally put us in a good mood...insert Manic Mondays!

Every Monday, the STORE will be offering a 10% discount on any purchase made in cash on full priced items. Furthermore, there will be a 5% discount on all Sale items. This is huge! if your in the market for a sofa like the lovely Lauren sofa below, the cost would be $5,121 + tax on any given Monday, versus $5,690 + tax the rest of the days of the week- that's $569 Off, just for purchasing on a Monday!

And if that doesn't put a smile on your face then you should know that the Lauren sofa is part of our exclusive line here at the STORE and can be customized to fit your desired style. We currently have it in a super soft cream fabric, as shown in the photo, but the same sofa can be made in whatever fabric and color you like best, we have 100's of fabric samples in the STORE to choose from!

Another comparison, to give you an idea of what a magnificent deal Manic Mondays are, is The Kelly swivel cuddle chair to the right. This lovely swivel chair is going for $3,339. However, if purchased in cash on a Monday, you will get a discount of $340 dollars off your purchase! It's just another Manic Monday here at the store!

We hope you'll brave the colder, more dreary days of January and visit us soon! We would love to hear from you too, so if you have purchased from us or want to give any feedback at all - please leave us a review via the QR code below - Thank you for supporting the STORE!

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