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Do you have Questions? Well, we've got Answers!

Have you ever wondered which remodeling projects bring the biggest return on investment? or what's the best performance fabric for your lifestyle? or what projects around the house are worth DIY-ing and which are better to contract out?

You've got questions and Dinna wants to help answer them on her new podcast, Designing Woman! So she is inviting you to send in your biggest quandary's and keep an eye out for the release date of Designing Woman where she will have all the answers and more for you!

I also want to add that one of my favorite ways to learn about new things and grow as a person is by listening to podcasts...and you can listen to your favorite podcast while doing mindless tasks like driving or cleaning the house, you can't go wrong with a podcast, it's never a waste of time and I always get some useful information out of listening.

Send in your questions within the new few weeks via email ( or Social Media and tune in to Designing Woman to get those answer!


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