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There are so many exciting things happening here at The Store!

There are so many exciting things happening here at The Store! Our main counter has finally been installed and almost complete! Behind our counter, we have some gorgeous cabinetry installed in the color anthracite blue. In our kitchen area, we now have stunning cambria quartz countertops and base cabinetry. Soon we will have upper cabinets and backsplash. We are on our way to having a full kitchen display right here in The Store!

In addition to all of our new cabinetry being installed, we also have a new display of both Cambria Quartz and Top Knobs. Our Cambria Quartz comes in many variations, and more can be ordered via online if you don’t see the perfect fit on display in The Store. As for our Top Knob display, we have multiple options of knobs, pulls, and hooks. Stay tuned for even more displays arriving in the near future! :)

If you have visited The Store lately, you may have noticed some adorable terrariums on display throughout our showroom! These were hand-created by our own employee Dylan!

We are hosting a terrarium building class at The Store on March 12 at 12pm. See the flier below for more details!


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