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Terrarium Building Workshop!

We had a very successful terrarium building class this month at The Store! Our workshop was led by our very own employee Dylan, who did a wonderful job teaching the class! This terrarium building workshop was an opportunity to both learn information about what a terrarium consists of and understand the basics of putting together a terrarium successfully.

Dylon taught everyone how to mix their own soil while explaining the different elements in the soil, along with each element’s purpose.

They covered the different types of plants as well.

Additionally, they learned why it’s important to break up the moss instead of laying down one big piece.

Each participant had a glass terrarium, different soil types, moss, plants, and multiple types and colors of rocks to choose from.

Once the terrariums were put together, they also had an assortment of fairy garden decor to add a personalized touch to their terrariums! Everyone went home with a beautiful terrarium, knowledge on how they made it, and how to care for them!!

We are so excited with how this event turned out at The Store. See the flyer below for details on our next event!


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