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Summer is for eating outdoors

My favorite part about summer, or at least one of my most favorite, has to be the patios. All the best times happen on the patio! and we practically live on our patio in the summer time, grilling, making smores, or catching up with neighbors. All that time spent outdoors calls for minimal clean up and disposable dinnerware is a must!

Our dried Areca Leaf dinnerware is made from fallen leaves that are gathered, cleaned and steam-pressed into shape, providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable dinnerware. Forget about those plain jane paper plates and eat in style! The earthy undertones of each piece add a natural look, instantly elevating your outdoor meal. Each piece is made with natural, compostable and biodegradable materials that can withstand the weight of food and tolerate heat. Most of these pieces also allow for multiple use, just wash and repeat!

If your local, don't miss out on all the things happening on the green this summer at the Crabapple Market! There are movies on the green, picnics and also LiveLOUD concerts all summer long. Check out the complete calender below


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