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Meet Bruce Andrews!

Some of our favorite upholstered pieces in the store are designed and manufactured by Bruce Andrews Designs, so I thought it would be fitting that you would know a little about Bruce and what he offers in the way of furniture design!

Since immigrating to America in 1997, Bruce Andrews MacDonald has worked in the fields of advertising, fashion, furniture manufacturing and interior design, each of the disciplines bringing the entrepreneur a particular 360-degree view of aesthetics. With the launch of his eponymous firm Bruce Andrews Design in 2014, the enterprising professional took the step of realizing the long-held dream to manufacture bespoke furniture of impeccable quality. Refusing to compromise by sending production overseas, he was determined to build his furniture in the United States, and to be one of the country's catalysts for bringing quality and craftsmanship back to America's shores.

We love BA pieces because they are not just comfortable but functional! The foam used in his couches is top grade and feather down cushions. There is a wide range of high performing fabric options in different textures and patterns that you just need to come in and see and did you know BA designs were created in collaboration with an orthopedic surgeon, offering subtle, ergonomic support for the human form from seating elevation, back angle and armrest position. Wow! Our Atmosphere sofa is one of the most popular pieces in the store, read all about it below! and don't forget that we are offering 15% OFF Upholstered floor samples and 20% OFF custom order pieces till the end of August! 100% Hungarian goose, bench made not assembly lined, so more hand crafted

Featuring a relaxed, clean, and modern silhouette, the Atmosphere sofa might be the most luxuriously comfortable sofa you try! Built to be the integral piece in an apartment main room or open concept living room, the atmosphere sofa is founded in function and form. The ultra cell foam core and down/feather blend cushioning provides lasting comfort while sitting to read a book or lounging while watching movies. Utilize the added seat depth for a productive workspace to spread papers and laptops. Friends will be fighting to sleep on the sofa instead of in the guest bedroom with comfort like this!


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