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Introducing our VIP program!

Calling all Realtors!!!

We are now offering an exclusive VIP membership program for all of our Realtor friends. Realtors can give their clients (at closing) one of our pretty little VIP member cards to receive 10% off. When they are ready to shop for all the gorgeous furniture, rugs and decor they will need to decorate the new home they can come see us and receive 10% off their entire purchase! and the best part!? The VIP membership card never expires, so as long as they have their card they get 10% off forever, for life! This includes custom furniture orders as well. The only exception is our cabinets, hardware and finishes, these are not included in the 10% off.

So be sure to come grab a few cards from us to bring to your next closing date and put an even bigger smile on your clients face :)


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