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Meet & GreET

Lets get together & discuss get a feel for one another & you can tell us all about your project. Afterwards, if you would like to partner with us for your project, we will have a Discovery Meeting


(happens and the STORE and is free)


Lets take a closer look! Once you've chosen to partner with us for your project we will meet for a Discovery Meeting. We’ll visit the project location and meet for approximately 90 minutes , taking rough measurements and putting eyes on the space, and of course, discuss the project getting more in depth answers. At this point, and hearing our ideas and suggestions, if you want to proceed to hire us for the project, then we will send a design brief ( job scope) and our client agreement. Once we receive the okay on the scope, and have the signed agreement and deposit, we will begin work on the design presentation.



Design Presentation  Once we are hired to work on the presentation. We will send a design brief which will list alll the tasks we are undertaking in this project. A simple agreement will also be sent. Once Dinna receives both the okay on the design brief, and the signed agreement, a $1500 retainer is also required. Work will begin once all 3 are received. The retainer includes a 3-D rendering, design plan - complete with a working budget  and is not refundable. The retainer will be applied toward  the end of the remodeling/renovation. If you order furniture, but decide not to do the remodeling, and a design rendering/plan was created, you forfeit the $1500 - it will not be applied to the furniture.


Want to DIY it & need suggestions?


We will be happy to consult with you and spitfire some ideas.

($200 hr)

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